About Us

Monument Point Storage, established in 2018, is owned and operated by Parv and Renuka Jandu. We provide self storage units to make securing and storing your valuable items easy and affordable. “We will help you choose the best storage unit for you - optimizing the available space and safely protecting your belongings - for as long as you wish.”

Self Storage Units Features

Size Options

We offer two different sizes:

  • 12'x25' (300 sqft), 12' High Door
  • 12'x50' (600 sqft), 14' High Door
  • 13'x50' (650 sqft), 14' High Door

Convenient Location

Monument Point Storage is located behind the Little Caesars and JP Express Gas Station on Highway 42, adjacent to Harbor Village Campground.

Lowest Prices

Our Prices for self storage units are competitive and one of the best deals you can get with the sizes we offer.

Self-Storage and Pricing

Monument Point Storage is the most affordable storage option in Door County. Your belongings will always be safe and secure. With both ease-of-access and a trail to Harbor Village campground, Monument Point Storage is a convenient place to keep your belongings.
Also, Monument Point Storage is offered at a very low monthly cost.
Protect your valuables at the beautiful new Monument Point Storage located north of Carlsville between Sturgeon Bay and Eggharbor on Highway 42

Bigger Storage

The bigger storage unit options have a total area of 12'x25' sqft , 12'x50' sqft , 13'x50' sqft

  • 12’x50’ Unit Size For $175 per month
  • 10’x14’ Door Size
  • 14'x50' Unit Size For $200 per month
  • 10’x14’ Door Size
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Smaller Storage

The smaller storage unit options have an area of 12'x25' sqft. We have 40 units.

  • 12'x25' Unit Size For $100 per month
  • 10’x12’ Door Size
  • 13'x25' Unit Size For $125 per month
  • 10’x12’ Door Size
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Contact Us

5493 Monument Point Rd, Egg Harbor, WI 54209, USA Monumentpointstorages@gmail.com +1 (920) 333-0112

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